Counselling and Psychotherapy

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I recognise that deciding to seek counselling may feel scary for all sorts of reasons. You are welcome to get in touch via my contact page, or arrange an initial, free, no-obligation telephone call, where I would be happy to answer any questions. If you decide to meet, I offer up to two exploratory sessions to determine if working with me is the right fit for you. It is important that you feel listened to and if we decide to continue working together, whether short or longer-term, we will then explore together what you most need.

Cathy Rowland IconHow do I work?

My style is warm, relational, inclusive, and collaborative. This means that no matter who you are, or what you bring, I will listen with openness, and curiosity and then work creatively with you towards outcomes which will feel uniquely beneficial. One of the strengths of my integrative training is that I can draw upon both traditional and contemporary thinking about the human condition, about how our minds, brains, and bodies work.   I view the whole range of psychoanalytic and psycho-dynamic ideas through a more humanistic lens, informed by the latest neuroscience and trauma theories.   This all means that ultimately my role is to help you find your own most meaningful path towards understanding and creating a happy, fulfilling life.  I may offer different perspectives or suggest helpful mind-body approaches, (for example ‘bottom-up’ evidenced-based restorative body or arts practices).  Ultimately however, as research as overwhelmingly shown, it is the quality of our therapeutic relationship, how you feel sitting in the room with me, the depth of our collaborative process together, which will create the conditions for positive change. 


Cathy Rowland IconWho do I work with?

Perhaps you are looking for support regarding a particular problem, or wanting to explore something more deeply, whether related to past events or something worrying you in the present.  You may or may not have a strong sense of what’s troubling you, except that life might perhaps be feeling scary, out of control, or perhaps confusing, or without meaning.   Perhaps you are feeling as if the person on the inside is disconnected from the person you appear on the outside, the person you feel you usually have to be. 

Typically, I work with clients who are experiencing one or more of the following:

relationship problems

work difficulties and stresses

life transitions, early mid and late adulthood

loss, bereavement

depression, low moods

struggling with addictions


effects of traumatic incidents

PTSD and early life trauma

panic attacks

difficulty controlling emotions

feeling listless, numb

lacking meaning or purpose in life

living with an illness or disability

If you would like to discuss in confidence in relation to something you are experiencing right now, please feel free to get in touch.

Cathy Rowland IconHow might therapy help?

As I have previously mentioned, research has demonstrated that successful therapy is linked to the quality of the relationship which practitioners and clients establish together. It is my intention that when our work together finishes, you will feel that you have got what you most needed from our time together. While you may not feel that your problems have gone away, you may feel differently about them, from perhaps a sense of ease or lightness or acceptance.  Or you may emerge with a greater confidence, mastery or certain life skills, and altogether a stronger knowing about how to move forward in life.   As an integrative, holistic practitioner, I am comfortable working with any sphere of your life, the physical, social, mental, emotional or spiritual.  I see change for each person as bespoke, in relation to any of these.  

Cathy Rowland IconOther Important Information

As a responsible and ethical practitioner, I abide by the codes of conduct set out by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) which is in turn accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. To meet the UKCP’s exacting practice standards, I have regular supervision with a more senior practitioner. I believe it is important to be clear about working arrangements from the very beginning. I always ask for payment for initial exploratory sessions upfront. Thereafter, we can establish a different system of online payments. My fee for each 50-minute session is £65.   I do charge for sessions you cancel if you give less than five days’ notice.