About Me

Cathy Rowland

I have 30 years’ experience working with adults and young people. After a degree at Durham University, I became a teacher. In my late twenties, I became a Music Therapist and maintained a thriving practice for 25 years. During this time, I worked in many educational, health and care settings, while also enjoying many teaching and supervisory roles within the profession. I wrote about some of my work and was co-author of an article in the British Journal of Music Therapy, (2011 vol 1) about my work in acute, rehabilitation and medium-secure mental health wards. I am also co-author of a book chapter, ‘Intercultural Skills Sharing in Music Therapy,’ in the book, ‘Intercultural Arts Therapies Research,’ (2016).

My decision to train as an Integrative Psychotherapist was about wanting to work more dynamically with words.  During my training, I worked with people from many different walks of life and saw how life experience, family origin or social background can contribute to the various ways vitality, or zest for life, gets blocked. I learnt how it was the quality of the therapeutic relationship, (what was expressed in the room together) which created the conditions for positive change. I started my own private practice in 2020 and now combine this with a new role as an Integrative Psychotherapist for Psychology Sussex based in Hove.  

I believe that an effective practice flows from a fulfilling life. I am enormously interested in health, wellbeing, and creativity in its many forms. For more information about how I work please visit other areas of this site.

Cathy Rowland IconQualifications

MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy. Middlesex University (2023)

Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy. Metanoia Institute (2023)

Certificate in Supportive Music and Imagery (2022)

Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery (2020)

Advanced Certificate in the Therapeutic Arts. IATE (2016)

MA in Music Therapy. Anglia Ruskin University (2002)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Kingston University (1992)

BA in Music, 2nd Class. Durham University (1988)

Cathy Rowland IconRecent Counselling and Psychotherapy Experience

Psychology Sussex, Hove (2021 – present)

Arun Counselling Centre. (2020-2022)

Sussex Community Counselling (2020-2022)

Horsham and Crawley Counselling Centre. (2019-2020)

Mid Sussex Counselling Centre. (2018-2019)

Cathy Rowland IconMemberships of Professional Bodies

 Full UKCP Membership.  No. 2011172964

UKCP Membership of the Metanoia Institute.

Member of the BACP  No. 01007392

Cathy Rowland IconRecent Training Courses

 Safeguarding for Adults and Children. Level 3 (2023)           

Neuro-affective Touch. A Somatic Toolkit for Healing Relational Trauma (2023)

Suicide Prevention. Essential Intervention and Prevention Strategies (2022)

Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop. Arielle Schwarz (2023)

Transforming Trauma with Emotionally Focussed Individual Therapy (2022)

Working with Shame. Christine Sanderson (2022)

Anxiety Certification Course (2022)

Using Polyvagal Theory to Treat Trauma (2022)

Using the Arts to Treat trauma. Embodied Philosophy (2022)